Celtic v Juventus ticket fiasco…

The Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs are having a meeting tonight,  and the first thing they’re wanting to discuss is the way Celtic decided to sell tickets for the home leg against Juventus this morning. They’re unhappy about the way tickets were sold, mainly because those that have been to Celtic games this season haven’t got tickets, but those who haven’t been their at all this season, have.

Every Celtic fan on this planet wants a ticket for this game, and a lot of unhappy punters never managed to get what they wanted this morning. Many many people cued outside Celtic Park  – some since 4AM – and managed to get their tickets, or tickets for their friends. Fair play to them. They had the chance, and they took it. But should people who haven’t been to any Celtic games this season have had the chance to go to this game?

Celtic fans queuing..

Celtic fans queuing..

MY OPINION: Firstly, I feel it was definitely the right decision to sell to season ticket holders first. Nobody can really fault that. As a season ticket holder for many years, it’s one of the privileges that makes you buy every season. You’re guaranteed tickets for every home game that season. And with the money your paying, so it should be. But….

They shouldn’t have given season ticket holders an extra two tickets. They can buy them for their non-supporting Celtic friends, who are willing to pay the money for them. People who haven’t been at games all season, but want to go because this is the big one. They want to taste the atmosphere. I can’t fault them. But, they should never have the chance to get their hands on these tickets. I`ll give a wee example of how I`m a little bit angry with the way it’s been dealt with…

My friend, who is one of the most ardent Celtic fans that you`ll meet, hasn’t got a ticket for the game. He isn’t a season ticket holder. But, he has been to 3 or 4 SPL home games this season, and nearly every single away game. He’s been to the two Champions League qualifying games, and also been to the three home games in the Group stage. He’s been to Arbroath and Aberdeen this season to support his side. But, he doesn’t qualify to get a ticket unless he knows a season ticket holder who can get him one. He doesn’t have a season ticket, because most of the time he can’t make 3PM kick off on Saturdays. That’s unfortunate, but when he’s not working, and a Celtic game is on, he`ll be there.

The process is all a bit shoddy to me. Touts are already selling them on Gumtree for £200. If it would be based on appearances you’ve made throughout the whole season, we might not have that problem. What’s your thoughts?

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  1. Murray Macdonald · · Reply

    P***es me off this, I can’t go to many games but I would rate myself as a very big Celtic fan, as I live in Stornoway, and it costs a lot to get tickets, get hotels and flights all sorted, but I’m annoyed that people buy the tickets and put them up on sale on websites for over £100 and there’s some glory hunters going to this game.

  2. margaret muldoon · · Reply

    my situation is something the same as above i’ve spent a small fortune taking my son to as many game’s this season as i can afford, we were at league games we went to abroath for the league cup games, both qualifier’s and the three home champion’s league game but to be honest i didn’t pay for season ticket’s as the cost was too much icluding travel, programme,s and food every fortnight. i’m not happy about some people who haven’t been to any games getting ticket’s when the only way i will be able to afford to take my son is if i pay extortionate rate’s to some tout.

    1. I know. Hopefully Celtic get this situation sorted, so it doesn’t rear it’s head again when we make the quarter finals.

      1. Murray Macdonald · ·

        Hopefully they give the best interests to the non ST holders should we go through to the Quarter Final. Still, always next season, can always go and see the biggest team in our group.

  3. Kieran ferrie · · Reply

    Well they will all buy season tickets next season, the reason celtic done this is to put a name to every seat in the stadium, they dont want any idiots like the man with the fuck uefa banner and the clown who ran on the pitch and slapped dida, if i had a ticket in a friends name i would certainly be on my best behaviour. And nothing stopped all these people buying a half season ticket and purchasing 3 tickets for themselves and friends either which many people did do. Celtic didn’t just do it for badness.

    1. Celtic aren’t selling half season tickets this season. People can’t afford or don’t see it worthwhile buying a season ticket, for obvious reasons. They still go to some games. Shouldn’t they at least get the priority, over fans who haven’t been this season.

  4. Donald Mackinnon · · Reply

    I am in the same situation as Murray. I live in Harris (same island as Stornoway). It’s hard to get to Celtic games because of the cost. I bought the 3 match package (£110). I also had to pay for 3 flights (£400-£500). There’s also the cost of being in Glasgow. Can’t argue with season ticket holders getting priority, but after that, they way they’ve gone about it is awful!

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